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  1. I’ve just spotted the Alt-Gr key – it’s a bit dusty as it’s never been pressed.  In fact there are several other unused keys lurking quietly – special brackets (I guess) and some ones with symbols of unknown meaning.  Perhaps, being white, male and hetero, they’re not for me…

    Happy New Year and hopefully Cat will disappear soon!

    • How about SysRq?  Been working with computers for decades and haven’t a clue what that does. [or doesn’t].  Oh! On this machine it takes a screen shot!  Why doesn’t it say that?

      And a Happy New Year to you too…

    Just when you think we must be at peak lunacy, along comes yet more.
    I got to the link below via A Tangled Web. Please, please ensure there is nothing remotely pointy within reach before you click on the link. Please. I beg you.
    Also ensure you do have a strong drink ready – in a plastic cup. A big plastic cup.
    Read and let the rage run free. We are truly doomed.

        • Kids under the age of five don’t even know what sex is, let alone have a preference for one or the other.  It’s a case of the adults imposing their own sick fantasies on their children.

          Tomorrow is youngest grandchild’s third birthday.  She is concerned with cuddly toys, not whether she has a willie or not.  Doubtless she has seen elder brother’s appendage from time to time but I doubt she fantasises about it!

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