Tobacco Control promoting smoking — 5 Comments

  1. In the same sense, “Only two school children at a time”, is probably the most dubious shop sign.

  2. I always reckoned January would be the worst time to try and quit. All those posters and adverts. There are cigarettes at every turn. The last thing you need if you’ve decided to be a nice little sheople.

    • Welcome Abi!   I agree.  When you are trying to cut down [or quit] there is nothing worse than being constantly reminded.  My desire for a puff of the pipe increases exponentially according to the number of No Smoking signs in the vicinity.

  3. Tobacco control could turn out to be a very clever ploy by the tobacco companies to sell more product and give the government an excuse to raise taxes do you think? Which means the anti-smoking puritan fascist zealots are just useful idiots.

    Isn’t there something in psychological literature that says that the subconscious can’t visualise a negative (i.e. something NOT happening), and so visualises what it can which, in the case of a stimulus like a picture of a smoking cigarette – even one with a red line through it – makes people think of smoking?  The traditional test for this is to make the statement “the dog is NOT chasing the cat.”  In most cases, just for a fraction of an instant, the first thing that comes into a person’s mind is a picture of – you guessed it – a dog actually chasing a cat.  This despite the fact that the statement clearly says that this isn’t happening.   Even with a bit of further concentration, the best most people can come up with is an image of a dog doing something else, which isn’t quite the same, is it?  Because, when you think about it, it simply isn’t possible to imagine what something NOT happening actually looks like. 

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