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  1. Not just cats nor pine cones. I am constantly amazed at the wonder and ‘mileage’ Granddaughter2 (2.25 years old) gets out of a dirty leaf, mouldy acorn or stones plucked from the wayside. Infact my jacket pockets now have more gravel in them than the neighbour’s drive. “issh habba A shtonn!”  (she’s still working on the whole  separating languages thing).

    Mind you even an acorn so covered in botulism that even a Norfolk Squirrel would turn it’s snout up at it cannot compare with almost magnetic draw of  a puddle which looks as if it contains every single virus known to mankind up to and including ebola :

    • Ah yes!  Stones.  The front area here is covered in gravel, pine cones and dog shit.  I regularly find stones around the place too, as she brings them in by the cupful.  I give her a cup of juice – she drinks it and promptly fills the cup with gravel.  I’m waiting for the dog shit to start arriving.

      Splashing around in raw sewage is good for a child.  It greatly enhances the immune system.  I bung the grandkids out into the back yard every time the drain backs up.

  2.  It greatly enhances the immune system.


    Yeeeah….one slight downside to that approach: As good modern parents Youngest Dwarf and His Good Lady consulted the Jamie Oliver Bumper Book Of Pukka Baby Names before christening the poor wee mite . So we have always called Granddaughter2 “Squirrel” (in Alemannic German cos that’s how we roll) . Now I think a pet name of ‘Typhoid Mary’ might  have been more apt.

    • That’s not a bad idea.  I used to amuse one of my previous dogs by reflecting the sun off my watch onto a wall.  It used to drive him insane!

  3. I’ll second the laser pointer. we have two, one for me and one for the wife. We have the bit of fun tag teaming the cats now and then (read: driving them crazy). We can get 3 out of 4 banging their heads together but the senior cat (female), as you say, couldn’t be arsed.

    I found it’s also fun to beam the neighbor once in awhile.

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