The Final Solution — 16 Comments

  1. If Supershadow were a jedi, he would have had aeons to learn English grammar. His persistent errors of punctuation can only lead the world to conclude that he is an impostor!

    • Try watching the Star Wars series fifteen times backwards.  You will then be enlightened and elevated to the level of Jedi.

  2. Under a jedi republic my Nieces and nephews and your Grandchildren will never have to worry about being offended or cause offence to others…..

    From that can we deduce that SS has not reproduced – no mention of his own progeny?  If so we can be truly thankful for small blessings or in his case no “small blessings”!

  3. Is his shadow like Peter Pan’s?  Or is it super in some other, equally mystical way?

    He’s good amusement value – a harmless crackpot (unlike some malevolent nutters out there).

  4. Ah, you old Celtic bugger (though not as old as this old Celtic bugger); you have me thinking about Supershadow, and I can’t help but think he might be your ‘alter ego’. Obviously you’ll deny it; but as one Celt to another….(the other side of the little pond)…

  5. Ah yes, the ‘bed in’.  I remember that, it was the moment where (at the Grand Old Age of eleven) I decided John Lennon was a twat; and nothing happened subsequently to dislodge that conclusion.

    This lad needs to be sat down and taught to drink and smoke, like all heroes since time immemorial…


    Barking Mangler Trenchant, Knight of the Black Pint.

  6. Since human beings are the only animal on this planet that “takes offense”, remove the human beings. Done. The other animals on the planet would probably approve.

    And it’s a bit strange–I thought that bears and wolves always had a tendency to attack humans?

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