For the sake of the children — 12 Comments

  1. Make it one word long.

    “What life was like before the Internet”


    Legiron would be delighted to edit and publish it, win win.

      • Are you kidding. He is getting his publishing empire off the ground and has edited/published all manner of manuscripts so I reckon he could do your one word endeavour whilst scything through the brambles or finishing a bottle of single malt or three whichever is deemed by the puritanistas to be the most dangerous .


        • Heh!  If he’s still in the publishing game in about ten years I’ll give him a shout.  It will probably take me that long to write the one word.

  2. Presumably the book that bombed is this:

    And Amazon don’t have any in stock. But they will get one. If you ask very nicely. At close to $17.00 a pop little wonder it didn’t quite fly off the shelves.

    On the other hand an awful lot of best selling books were penned by parents / grandparents for their sprogs. The chap who wrote Lord of the Rings started that as a sequel to his Hobbit book that his kids liked a lot. But WW2 intervened and he took a bit of a breather, but eventually wrapped up the Rings for his grandchildren.

    And they’ve had a first rate income stream since it hit the big screen.

    • That’s the one.  Though there is an unpublished one that shall accompany me to my grave.  It’s a novel but there too many edits and rewrites that I couldn’t be bothered doing.

      • Smoking Scot is referring to Amazon USA.

        Amazon UK have 4 paperbacks in stock, prices from £43.03 to £60.55!


        I hope they are paying you suitable royalties at those prices.

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