Nailing the cat — 10 Comments

  1. I had that situation once, some years ago. When it got to the stage yours has, I’d just wrap an Elastoplast (Band Aid, Hansaplast, Tensoplast, whatever the generic is in your locale) round my finger. Not much more you can do, really, apart from wait for it to drop off.

    • To be honest, I’m not that keen on bandages – they tend to be awkward and make typing tricky.  They also make nose-picking difficult.

  2. Ah but the solution is but simple, some car body filler, wet and dry paper and some of the missus’s clear nail varnish. I mean, you could swap the clear varnish stuff for some proper car lacquer but those spray cans are a bugger to use.

    • I have the wee problem more or less sorted.  I attacked the sticky uppy bit with a pair of heavy duty wire-snips [my nails apparently are made of tungsten] and so it doesn’t catch in anything any more.

  3. A vet once told me that of all the animals he treated,the one he did not want a bite from was a cat. Apparently a cats mouth and teeth are full of the most dangerous bacteria going. As a cats teeth are so sharp they penetrate flesh easily and the nasties are injected deep into the wound. Attempts to wash the wound do not clean it properly. You need to get it to bleed freely to stand any chance of removing any infection.

    • There was no pint in trying to wash it as I couldn’t even see where the puncture was.  Blood [and eventually, custard] just started oozing so I just kept pumping that out.  There was a nasty infection all right but at least it didn’t spread.  Liberal doses of alcohol [taken internally] may have helped?

  4. The tooth went right through the root of my fingernail.  It was really fucking painful!


    I once made the mistake of getting my hand too near some mating gerbils. They are , in Latin, called ‘Clawed Warriors’ for a reason. The bite in my finger touched bone. I got my revenge though by having the male castrated the next day HAH!

    • I must say that bite was one of the most painful injuries I have had [and I have had thousands].  It was up there with broken ribs and major toothache.  Luckily it only lasted for a day.

      Couldn’t castrate the fucker, unless that can be done twice?

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