World Obesity Day — 11 Comments

  1. 50c extra on all tobacco…..

    So a party down Mad Mick The Smuggler’s the night tonight then, boyos? And not only will he be making more profit on every baccy run but can now widen his sortiment to include 2 litre PETS of Coke from Carrefour Calais. Begorrah but tis a grand time to be alive and free trading, for sure for sure!

    • There were great celebrations last night amongst the smuggling community.  Bigger profits?  Expand the business into soft drink?  Win win!

      • Haven’t smokers had to put up with lectures and snide remarks for years?  It’s all part of the same phenomenon – nagging us all “for our own good” and trying to get us to conform to their norms.

              The addict angle will come soon enough for the overweight, don’t you worry.  Sugar has been cited as “addictive” for many years – they just now need to do a bit of manipulating, come up with a catchy slogan or two, and expand it to include a few more foodstuffs to make the gullible idiots out there believe it unquestioningly and it’ll be job done.  The “helpless addict” who doesn’t really eat pies/smoke cigarettes/drink beer because they enjoy it, but because they are just satisfying their addiction is the excuse they give themselves for their endless “interventions.”  Of course, as many smokers already know, it actually disguises their own addiction to controlling people who don’t happen to agree with their ideal of a “righteous life” and makes them sound like helpful, caring people instead of the bullying busybodies they really are.  The sad thing is that those being labelled as such (being mostly non-smokers which, ironically, is probably how they got so flabby in the first place), won’t see the same sleight of hand taking place with them as took place with smokers (the public’s ability not to notice blatent facts which they don’t want to admit never ceases to astound me) and, like so many smokers, will bow their heads and accept their punishment in order to overcome their terrible “addiction,” and, once “cured” will – again like so many ex-smokers, join in the cries for their fellow “addicts” to be “cured” in the same way.

  2. Such things as taxes are easily defeated if enough people stopped buying whatever has been tax increased for a short while, but people these days have no experience of the power of doing without hence the smugglers/government get away with any old shit they and big commerce/pharma/media/ can dream up as the latest solution by tax to problem that doesn’t exist.

    By all means give me the finger for asking but is it all quiet on the family front especially herself’s nerve’s?

    • An excellent protest would be or everyone to forgo buying tobacco for say a month.  The gubmint would lose millions.  The Anti Smokers would shout in glee of course and that is one major drawback as on principle, I’m against anything  that would please those bastards.

      There has been [to use a modern idiom] a seismic shift on the family front.  Things are great for the moment but I expect a different kind of storm to brew up in a matter of weeks.  Sorry I can’t be more specific………

  3. Did you know they, whoever is behind this World Obesity Day, have a website? Even includes an interactive map so you can see what’s been done in the fight against obesity blah, blah, blah and so on…

    There’s even a couple things going on in Ireland no less.

    And don’t get me going on what actually makes some people fat. Your comment field ain’t long enough.

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