Another reason to hate Facebook — 12 Comments

  1. *wonders if an inspirational, motivational, photo of Hitler with the caption “Vegan, artist, Anti-smoker, animal lover and fond of children, decorated forces veteran, Europhile” would be taken down for being offensive….*

    • Oh yes, I like it, BD! That would be quite delightful!

      I don’t mind Twatter, in fact it can be quite fun, and I usually spend ten of fifteen minutes most days there, but I fucking hate Farcebook. I’ve got a couple of accounts, but I only ever go on there to read a couple of smokers pages – Audrey Silk (New York) has a couple of good pages, and Iro Cyzane (? The Canadian lady) has a good one too. But that’s it. I never visit my own page, and wouldn’t have a clue what’s on there.

    • Everything should be against Facebook rules.

      I remember the times when Guevera was a folk hero amongst the youth.  It all depends on who is writing the history books.

  2. Yes but lets cut it some slack. It does a brilliant job of keeping most of the snowflakes away from the rest of us. Imagine how bad things would be if they had nowhere to go.

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