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  1. Grandad,

    And despite now being told that almost all the food we were brought up on is basically poison – here we all are and, according to the government, so many of us ‘survived’ all that deadly food, we’re becoming a ‘burden’ on society.
    As I typed the other day, after we’d been pondering our advances towards the ‘end game’, people are divided in their belief as to whether there is life after death. Prohibitionists and puritans on the other hand, are unanimous in their believe that there should be no life even before death.
    With regards food, I do like the quote by one Joseph Leonard.
    “Never eat anything whose listed contents cover more than one-third of the packaging.”

    • Personally I never check the contents, as they really are for the criminally obsessed.  Mind you – I just checked the milk carton [to pour into my sweetened tea] and there’s a fucking list with all sorts of “information” on the side.  I know they process the fuck out of milk these days but it’s still just milk, for God’s sake!

  2. Grandad,

    Sorry about that comment but it seems to have used a lot of screen due to line breaks. I ‘composed’ the comment in a processor then pasted here; would that mess with the line breaks?

    • No sweat.  Only an extra couple of blank lines and I don’t charge rental by the acre [though that’s not a bad idea?]

      I hope you don’t use Word?!!

      • Grandad,
        No Sir; No Word. I use SoftMaker Office. Not bad at all. Small and fast. Oh, and there’s a Linux version. An earlier version, 2016 at the moment, is available for free.

        • Hmm.  Have installed it.  Looks okay, though like OpenOffice it seems a tad weak on spreadsheet graphs.  Thanks for the tip.  I’ll play around with it.

  3. As kids we had toast with both sugar and cinnamon, slightly caramelised and liable to burn ones tongue and mouth. Proper cinnamon, back in those days, not the chemically flavoured and scented dust they sell nowadays.

    Trouble is that kids are not miniature adults: they need fat to grow as well as carbs, calcium and who knows what else. Milk and cookies bred what must have seemed a race of giants to us Brits in the run-up to D-Day.

    • My memories are all of dripping toast [salted], sugar on toast, a concoction I used to make – cocoa powder mixed with sugar, roast pork [delicious crackling], streaky rashers [didn’t know what a back rasher was until I left home], and from the sweet shop, penny bars, lucky-dips and gobstoppers.

      How the blind fuck am I still alive?

    • Tried the test and I too am fucked.  Maybe I misconverted from the old money to new, but I’m underweight and hitting red on just about every score.  The only question I had trouble with was “On average, how often do you consume food you would characterise as unhealthy?”  I put in 0 because I don’t consider any food to be “unhealthy”.

      • I took the quiz just out of curiosity and though my water and vegetable intake didn’t meet requirements and I don’t do any vigorous exercise (I couldn’t convince it that I’m disabled so no vigorous anything), I’m not doing all that bad. Like yourself, I don’t consider foods like bacon, sausage and such as bad.

  4. Since when did food become medicine?

    I guess since Hippocrates said something along the lines of ‘let food be thy medicine’. I agree, it’s strange for a 6yrs old to think in terms of health before eating a snack.

    But I disagree with your idea that reading ingredients is doom. Due to a combination of factors (misguided ‘public health’ policies, cost saving and others), there’s plenty of ‘fake’ foods in supermarkets today. Or over-hyped, overpriced junk like breakfast cereals.

    Sugar and salt are not poison per se…the dose makes the poison. If children start their day with a ‘healthy’ breakfast of cereals and orange juice, snack 5 times a day on processed, sugary junk and drink plenty of Coke, it won’t take long till at least some of them will turn into low energy, obese teenagers.

    • I didn’t say reading ingredients was doom, just for the criminally obsessed.  If you suffer from some kind of allergy it’s fair enough, but otherwise the numbers are meaningless.  If something contains [say] 5 grammes of salt, what is that supposed to mean to me?  If it was a 10 gramme bar of chocolate then I would expect it to taste pretty salty, but apart from that?  I don’t know what “recommended daily allowances” are supposed to be, and I don’t want to know as they are a generalisation, and aren’t specific to me.  Unless there is a specific reason to avoid some ingredient then I will continue to ignore those lists.

      The problem with kids nowadays is far more likely to be down to a lack of exercise rather than a bad diet.

      • The problem with kids nowadays is far more likely to be down to a lack of exercise rather than a bad diet.

        That’s the nub of it. A combination of TV, video games, mobile phones, paranoid parents who believe there’s a paedophile behind every bush, just waiting to pounce on their precious one, and who don’t trust their kids to cross the road.

        My childhood was just one big outdoor adventure. I only went home to eat and sleep. Not today’s kids, alas. It’s why we’re seeing the snowflake generation, with their ‘safe spaces’ and ‘trigger alerts’. They just haven’t had the opportunity to learn how to fend for themselves like we did.

  5. Beware the sugar-free sweets in the chemist’s shop. They likely use sorbitol which can loosen the bowels somewhat alarmingly.

    • Aye. Their creators are in league with the toilet paper manufacturers 😀  “Quid pro go”

  6. Just taken that health survey with dire results. I’m 78, and have discovered I’ve been dead for forty years and counting. Wonder if I can get a tax rebate?

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