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  1. When cellphones were still an unusual novelty :

    First time I ever saw somebody walking down the street using a cellphone I was dumbfounded .

    What can possibly be so urgent that they can’t wait until they reach their destination ?

    When I asked this of some ‘hip’ friends I was answered with authority and confidence “They’re all drug dealers !”

  2. My usual response to such sales pitches is ” I will indeed purchase one of your ridiculous phones, for I am a professional geek, PROVIDING you sell me the model in the adverts , the ones I see in films and on the television. The ones with guaranteed connection at 7G speeds everywhere and if you’ll chuck in that app that allows me to hack into any system anywhere on the planet…..”

    • How exactly are they supposed to achieve the advertised coverage?  Are they directly connected to the satellite system?

      Incidentally, another thing my company is offering is FREE FACEBOOK!  Now that’s worth shelling out for?

      • Facebook? As said , DEMAND the app that lets you unleash an unpreempted Nuclear strike or to crash the global banking network. You won’t believe just how useful such an app can be.

  3. Stay away from it. If, perchance, people discover you have one, they shower you with shite and expect an immediate response. A smartphone equipped with pen, paper and postage stamps would be an excellent thing.

    • Sadly, since the arrival of the keyboard my handwriting has become illegible even to myself.  I have to use capitals all the time.  I’d make a good doctor?

  4. Since Fox News was censored in the UK much to my annoyance, I am currently live streaming it on my phone as it has the clearest picture. Won’t be getting the new one though just don’t see the point.

  5. Well I am one of those ‘mugs’ that will be selling off a family member in order to get the new iPhone X. That said, I know I don’t need it – my current ‘phone is more than adequate, and, truth be told, the model before that would also be more than enough ‘phone – but I shall indulge myself and be one of those adding to the already bloated Apple coffers.

    The most useful use case for the ‘phone is still text messages for keeping in touch with friends, anything more than ‘phone and text is, I find, starting to irritate me more and more. For work is slightly different and access to the Internet and email is indeed useful.

    So yes, I am a ‘mug’, I know I am and I wonder how long this will go on before I tire of it.

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