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  1. What a silly man! Any writer,by now, should know that the only group who may be safely lampooned are us vile, dirty, child killing smokers. Didn’t he get the memo?

  2. You jest, I know, but seriously I await the day someone in Norfolk is OFFENDED by some of my observations about those blessed with extra digits and a taste for farmyard sex when their sister is off working in THE BIG CITY or ‘Cromer’ -pop.6000- as it is known by the map makers. But I’m probably ok for a bit cos the Norfolk isn’t big on internet access nor literacy.

  3. Te article was published in “Country Life Magazine,” a lightweight breezy rag designed to grace the coffee tables of all the great British manors. Aimed squarely at the Hooray-Henrys and upper class twits in general, what they write is of little consequence to real people.

    What disappoints me though is the number of stupid Irish who haven’t the self-confidence to ignore it for the irrelevance it is. The kind of prove the author right in his observations, don’t they?

    • My point precisely.  The owner of the magazine is absolutely thrilled – probably the biggest notice it ever got in its lifetime.  It was a nothing event blown out of all proportions by the Professionally Offended.

  4. Last time I visited Ireland (Dublin) everyone I met and saw on the street, looked like me, a white European, so where is the racism in this article if written by another white European? Since when did the Irish, English, Welsh or Scots become a race of mankind?

    • If you mention nowadays that someone has blue eyes, then that’s racism.  Admire a woman’s dress and that’s sexist.  The very fact that Ireland is inhabited means that a mention of Irish is racist.  Apparently….

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