Dancing with dinosaurs — 3 Comments

  1. Mrs D is 71 and has a birthday in December. I take great delight in telling her she’ll be 73 next year…

    To me 65 is more significant because the government pays me a pension, although it’s really just giving me my own money back if you thinks about it…

  2. I hate birthdays, so I’m with you on this, but then again you really should keep in with herself.  Couldn’t you whisk her away to some hidey hole, far from the madding crowd, somewhere that does nice food and her favourite tipple.  You’ll get it in the neck with daughter, but ho hum, you can’t win ’em all.



  3. Yeah, right, uh-huh. Sounds like so much manure to me. Face it, ya’ love the woman. Now go make her day special the best you know how…

    …no, wait. Maybe not the best you know how come to think of it.

    Happy birthday to Herself then.

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