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  1. As my late father in law said when told he’d live longer if he stopped smoking “Will I?Or will it just seem like it? What’s the point in living a miserable life?”

    I’m a great believer in being allowed to manage your own life choices. We have the info and we’re grown ups…

    …well, except for morons and certain people who live in Upton that is.

    • I like the expression “stubbornly higher“. In other words, refusing to conform to the Bully States diktats and the way they should be behaving.

  2. “And it’s also a nasty sadistic society.”

    You’re spot on there GD. I know from personal experience the positive benefits that people with post traumatic stress related conditions get from smoking tobacco. These bullies in TC have no idea, they should shut the fuck up and stay out of other peoples lives. They really are lower than shark shit. And as for being concerned about people on low incomes that’s just crocodile tears. I wouldn’t piss on the people in TC if they were on fire.

    • Whatever about targeting Joe Soap in the street, when they start hounding the mentally ill then they have sunk way beneath contempt.  Evil doesn’t cover it.

    • €11 and over.  Most popular brands are €11.50 here.  40 a day will cost well over €8,000 a year, with most going to the gubmint.

  3. Gotta love the tenacity of the gubmint trying to coerce those stubborn folk to give up what they enjoy.

    If only they realised that their measures have had the grand total effect of diddly squat…

  4. Dear Grandad

    It’s not tobacco our beloved government is bent on controlling, it’s smokers. Without smokers there would be no tobacco to claim to control, and no Big Tobacco to demonise.

    These freaks are after smokers because it is so profitable to do so, which means that they don’t want to actually succeed. They want a working lifetime of pursuing smokers for pleasure and profit at the smokers’ expense, followed by luxurious retirement and a gong from Her Majesty to show how caring they are.

    Win-win for your average charlatan/puritan/sociopath/psychopath*.


    * delete as applicable

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