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  1. I don’t see the problem here. If you’re a male (by birth) that “identifies” as a lady then so be it. Same for the opposite. Even if you choose what “gender” to be every morning like you choose your outfit then “Ladies and gentlemen” covers all bases.

    Unless, of course, you’re androgynous.

    • There is no problem, unless you’re one of those Precious Little Snowflakes that sees an insult or sleight in everything that surrounds them.

      They should be quietly and politely told to go fuck themselves [which some of ’em may well be capable of].

      • ….told to go fuck themselves [which some of ’em may well be capable of].


        Now that’s an interesting point to ponder upon. The physical realities take a little stretching of the imagination (among other things, I’d imagine); so much so that I’m actually struggling to picture in my mind’s eye as to how it would work. Still, where there’s a willy there’s a way, as they say.

  2. My closest  friend for many years was a tranny, who as a man gave new meaning to the term ‘over compensate’; 6′ 4″, 12 pints of snake bite, ‘harder’ than the Times crossword, more muscles than an entire Gay bar on ‘Wet Tshirt Nite’ . The ‘shit’ she went through at the hands of the Norfolk red necks -up to and including beatings that nearly cost her sight. Beatings at the hands of people she could have dismembered without putting down her cigarette before she started on the anti-androgens.  She was dismissed from Crown Forces and faced real prejudice on a daily basis, not only from the ‘traditionally tolerant’ Great British public but even from the Gender Realignment Clinics (who back then expected ‘their girls’ to act a certain way). She and her sisters-in-arms campaigned, fought court battles to ensure that they could change their birth certs and so not be sent to a male prison even when post-op.

    I can imagine her response to anyone grizzling about such ‘micro aggressions’…they would get her paraboot -that she favoured for casual wear- somewhere hard enough to mean their vaginal dilator would need surgical extraction.

    She used to say “Dwarf, I wish I were ‘just’ Gay-I’d walk round in a pink ‘Bent as a 9 bob note’ tshirt.”

    • As I have said many times before – I have nothing against anyone’s choice of alphabet letter.  It’s a big enough world and there is room enough for all of us [for the moment anyway].

      What pisses me off mightily is when some delicate little precious feels insulted or “excluded” because of some insignificant sleight and the world has to adapt to salve their fucking feelings.  How anyone can be offended by “ladies and gentlemen” is beyond me.  The world has gone mad.

      • Trust me -it pisses off the Trannies and ‘irons’ (a now derogatory colloquial London term for ‘homosexual’..oh sorry that’s derogatory as well , I meant of course ‘Gay’…I think) of my peer group even more than it does your good self. I describe my friend as a ‘tranny’ because that was the word she used herself, which she wouldn’t be allowed to say today for fear of melting some snowflake. The Trannies and Gays of 20 years ago were far too busy worrying about not getting kicked to death nor sacked from their jobs to worry about archaic forms of address (which are offensive towards the working classes btw).

        She came to see me once,  acouple of days after the local red necks had used her face as a football. That upset her; being refered to (in the best case) as a ‘lady’  less so I imagine.



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