Alcohol induced hysteria — 9 Comments

  1. Still no “slippery slope”, to be sure to be sure.

    I could never understand those non smoking drinkers who cheered the smoking bans. “Oh Magoo, you’ve done it again!” ‘. Almost as ‘turkeys/Xmas’ as smoking Brexiteurs who put xenophobia before their own best interests (and I shall laugh when they finally realize Brexit actually means MORE not less R.O.P following ‘immigrants’ ).


    • But there is no slippery slope.  It is mere coincidence that most of these bans and laws follow the prescription almost to the letter.

    • she cautioned that as the study was observational, it does not prove that alcohol was causing the damage to the brain. In other words – not actual research.

  2. Prohibition Euro-style coming your way perhaps? You might want to do a bit of research on how to run a “speak-easy” effectively and (above all) quietly just in case.

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