You know I am right — 4 Comments

  1. “So I would suggest that ASH take their press release…”

    You missed out “burning end first” at the end of the list.

  2. ASH don’t have an original thought in their heads and borrow from other movements, that’s why their slogans sound vaguely familiar, but on examination make no sense.


    Social movements and human rights rhetoric in tobacco control

    “In developing a new strategy, tobacco control advocates need to build a social movement based on a more forceful public health voice, along with the strategic use of human rights rhetoric, to focus on the power of voluntary non-smoking efforts. Using human rights rhetoric can help frame the movement in ways that have traditionally appealed to the American public.”


    More unpleasant reading I’m afraid, Grandad, mostly because of the sickening insincerity.

    • Basically it’s a variation on the Cheeeldren argument – trying to mobilise the Ingnorati to form a movement.

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