Start them early — 4 Comments

  1. What ever the message on the pack is it’s lost on me, I guess I’m just not on the same wave length as the TC cultists.

    The latest thing here in Oz is 20 packs of Rothmans with a menthol capsule in the butt. You can smoke them as normal or squeeze the butt and it becomes a menthol.

    • Now that is sheer genius!  So they aren’t selling menthol flavoured cigarettes [apparently kiddie-porn in TC’s twisted world] but you can still get the menthol flavour.

      I just love the way people find ways of circumventing TC’s stupid laws.

    • Ha! As GD says, pure genius! I bet TC are getting their knickers in a right twist about that one!

      “Oh My God, they’ve found a way to allow menthol people to enjoy their smokes! We have to stop this immediately! We can’t have people enjoying something as evil as smoking…. It’s for their own good, and anyway, think of the cheeldren!”

  2. I cadged a fag off a long-time smoker at work for my break, well hadn’t she just changed brands from B&H gold to some things that if you squeeze the filter will give you a menthol drag, weird – I avoided squeezing the tip much, being the generous woman she is, she didn’t just leave one or two for my break, she left 19 in a packet! Still they came in handy for when I ran out of Regal KS…

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