Industrial grade hypocrisy — 7 Comments

  1. Hypocrisy is what they do, GD. Along with lying through their teeth, it’s their stock-in-trade.

    As for Champix (Chantix), they think it’s great, and would love it to become mandatory medication for all smokers. If they thought they could get away with it, they would recommend jumping off a high building as a way of quitting.

    • Their “cure” is infinitely worse that the “ailment”. 

      Despite everything that’s stated in thr regular meeja, things are still not so hot here in Ireland, with a homeless crisis and evictions rivaling the Famine days.  There a lot of very unhappy people, yet they promote something that can cause depression and suicide?

      Why are these people not held to account?

      Incidentally the €40 million they spend each year would go a fair way to housing a few families?  Just sayin’.

  2. Varenicline: maybe not even fit for the purpose being touted? “However, these events have also occurred in patients who continued to smoke.”

    • That’s like saying that people who died on the operating table would probably have died anyway.  Beneath contempt.

  3. Un-fucking-believable.

    Well, unfortunately it is believable. One day these fuckers will have to find themselves proper, real jobs.

  4. Hmm.  Interesting.  I wonder if HIQA by any chance got a teensy-weensy little “encourager” from the manufacturers of Chantix (Pfizer maybe? Can’t remember) to mention it so much?  It seems a bit OTT for them to keep pushing Chantix as their “preferred method” even over and above their usual exhortations for everyone to use the oh-so-successful NRT that they usually try and foist smokers off with.

    And if vaping does lead people to start smoking (which I doubt, but who knows), then that would actually be great.  We need more new members of the smoking community in order to frustrate the self-congratulatory claimed “successes” of the anti-smoking movement to shut them up for a while.  After all, if someone is curious enough to try vaping without having smoked at all before, it’s not out of the question that they might be similarly curious to try smoking, too.  And that leads to the very real possibility that they’ll find, as many smokers who have tried vaping (such as myself) have found, that for many people, smoking is even better! 

    • “encourager”?  Surely not?  It is just a remarkable coincidence that all these reports happen to push products by Big Pharma to the exclusion of all else.

      Incidentally I think most “studies” that prove the gateway effect are based on some kid who takes a puff of an electrofag and subsequently takes a puff [just one puff is sufficient] of a cigarette and who is then classed as having switched from electrofags to cigarettes.  I don’t think they ever found someone who used to regularly vape and then became a regular cigarette smoker.

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