Aggressive mediocrity — 15 Comments

  1. I was chuckling all through that mishmash of gobbledegook. The modified film poster was a hoot. And your takedown was perfect, Grandad. (Taking the Mickey is the ideal response to nosy, joyless do-gooders.)

    • P.S. About those “impressionable” and “young” readers: surely we’re all adults? (Mickey excepted.)

      • I honestly don’t know the demographic of my readers.  According to Google the majority are aged between 55 and 64 [how the fuck do they know?] so I doubt very much if they are impressionable.  “Young” is relative, so maybe he means “young relative to Grandad”?

  2. In the past, people were tormented by false ideologies (like marxism) and endured terrible moments in their existance with ruthless and narcisistic dictators enforcing their agenda.

    In the present, people are ‘educated’ to feel bad about their ‘conservative ways’ because they were told it damages the Earth and makes other people uncomfortable by saying mean things.

    The future dictatorship won’t be about ideologies nor mean words.

    It’ll be about … eating broccoli and not smoking in the living room

    The Nanny State has reached its final form.

    • He seems to be one of the leading exponents of the Nanny State.  Apparently it’s a Good Thing to have others make every decision on how we live our lives. 

  3. “Is their any intelligence between those ears of yours?”

    Says someone who doesn’t know which spelling of “Their” to use…

    • Spelling, punctuation and grammar aren’t his strongest points, though he has improved considerably from the early days.  Maybe that’s a result of reading this site?

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