World Health Day — 4 Comments

  1. I’ll drink a pint or two to World Health Day. Gesundheit! And I’ll walk back home from the pub with a couple of cans of the black stuff discreetly wrapped in a brown bag by the publican – the exercise will do me good.

  2. The whole point of World Health Day, GD, is to keep uppermost in the minds of politicians around the globe how vital ‘Public Health’, and more importantly, the WHO is to the wellbeing of the world. Thus ensuring a continuing flow of funding so they can carry on persecuting people they don’t like with impunity. For their own good, of course, because all those smokers and drinkers and fatties need help. And that’s what PH and WHO are there for. To help those poor unfortunates in the grip of their addictions. By taxing them and exiling them and destroying those things which, against all advice, they foolishly continue to consume.

    • They can stop “helping” me! I don’t need it. (Not their kind of help, anyway.)

  3. An auld fella said to me that a health day is any day you can get up and wipe your own arse. Good enough for me.

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