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  1. This is one of those edicts whose sole rationale is “Because we can.”

    But, if it’s coming to you, it’s probably coming to me very soon too. Not that I actually see the packet after I’ve bought it, since it goes in a neat leather case. But I do like to be able to readily identify what I’m getting at the point of purchase.

    • What these morons fail to realise [or deliberately overlook] is that packaging has little or nothing to do with advertising – it’s about brand recognition.  When I order my baccy, it comes in a green pouch which instantly tells me it’s my choice.  The green pouch does not make me [or anyone else] want to smoke it.  When this packaging shit comes in, I am going to have to check each individual pack to be sure I am getting the right brand.  It’s all just extra work for myself and the shopkeeper with no benefits whatsoever.

  2. “Tobacco consumprion is killing people” says she. There lies the problem, ye’re not supposed to eat them!!! Better put that on the label now.

    • I got the impression that she hadn’t a fucking clue what she was talking about.  The Antis had fed her some propaganda which she fell back on when she didn’t have an answer.

  3. The Nanny State doing what does best.

    Being a crooked nanny, so mean and so big it needs a whole global government to support its … weight and demands.

    The Queen of Hearts is green with envy.

    “You a smoker? Off with ya head!”

  4. This euphemism of ‘plain packaging’ that everybody is using for what in fact are packets covered in grotesque medical porn and anti-smoking propaganda is really annoying me. It reminds me of how communists called their labor camps (where they put those opposing the system, particularly intellectuals) ‘reeducation’ camps.

    Then again, what difference is there really between what currently is on the market and ‘plain packaging’? So Pall Mall will be written in a different font, on a green instead of blue background. So what? The battle was lost when they first put pictures and big warnings on packs.

    Now I root for ‘public health’ to extend their ‘plain packaging’ to alcoholic/fizzy drinks. Maybe the sheep will wake up then. Because now it’s only about the ‘dirty, smelly smokers’. Who cares about them anyway?

  5. She’s just saving all the baccy companies a ton of money they would have spent on advertising, ditto the salaries of an army of greasy haired MBA nonces in the marketing departments. 

    • Sorry Timbo.  I spent over fifty years in marketing.  Throughout all that time, I found a few – maybe two or three – “greasy haired nonces” who were rigidly welded to telling the truth, even if it meant getting the sack.  Not fair to label everyone.

      • BD I apologize profusely if you were offended by my insensitive remarks. It was a cry of pain.

    • Seeing as they can’t advertise any more, I would imagine their advertising staff would already be at a minimum?

  6. Can’t wait for all chocolate bars to be in plain wrappers with “This product will make your skin greasy and spotty and your teeth to fall out.” Followed by bottles of Chateau de Pomposity, or whatever, merely having a label with the word ‘Wine’ on it above “This product will cause your liver to pack up, your driving ability to deteriorate, and your sexual performance to suffer.” The follow on list of products receiving similar treatment is endless.

  7. This had been rumbling for years in the UK before they slid it in last April, and they banned 10 packs, even “call me Dave” Cameron wondered why forcing folks to buy 20 fags is going to help the us folk quit!

    It’s a ludicrous act of meddling as our packs are behind screens anyway, you cant see the fucking packs at the baccy counter, my heart sinks when I go to the shop and there is a new face at the kiosk, ask for your brand and they haven’t a clue what to look for – mine was Regal King Size, now it comes in a shit-brown carton called (and get this for brand demoralization and intellectual property rights..) Regal Blue!

    Over the past few years since this came on the radar I’ve been saving all my old RKS packs, and have shitloads to decant them to.



    • That business of banning the ten-packs happened here years ago.  Of all their crazy schemes that one has me completely baffled.  I cannot understand the logic there.  Did they think that kids could only afford ten-packs?  Could they not see that essentially they were forcing people to buy twice as much as normal?  Far from being an incentive to cut down, it is in fact a way to increase consumption.  Someone who used to smoke ten a day now finds they have some fags left in the pack come nighttime – sure, they might as well have an extra one.  Or maybe two, or five…..

      I’m still collecting the tins.  I have a fine stash at this stage.

      • Someone who used to smoke ten a day

        Needs to give up because that’s not smoking, that’s a hobby.

        • Smart arse!  Okay – someone who used to smoke seventy now smokes eighty.   Happy?

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