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  1. The EU abolished capital punishment and corporal in schools? The EU imposed a currency normal people might understand and a system of weights and measures not based on the one in use when Babylon was but a village of goat herders on the banks of the Euphrates? The EU imposed the UK and Eire smoking bans?

    Damn, too bloody right we need to Brexit. Silly me, I thought all those things were brought in/imposed by a democratically elected, sovereign,independent UK parliament. How wrong was I ?

    Do I need to explain to any Irishman who ‘Oliver Cromwell’ was and why he was a Bad Idea? Well, May has woken up to the fact that Brexit will give her and the HoC the sorts of unrestricted, un-oversighted power that would have made even Cromwell blush.



    • Some of those were just ever so slightly over the top, all right.  First priority -> BRING BACK HANGING!!  Mind you, it all depends on who they want to hang?

      We Irish have, if anything suffered more under EU rule.  After the financial collapse we were nicely hung out to dry, to the extent that the debt won’t be paid off eve in the Grandkids lifetime.  Also our fishing boats lie idle at harbour while the Spanish and French happily scrape what they can out of our seas. 

      Going back to old currency is a bit strange all right, though I confess to having a lingering happy memory of it.

      If May does go a bit power crazy, at least you have the mechanism to get rid of her [hanging?] whereas those in Brussels are answerable to no one.

      • ” at least you have the mechanism to get rid of her ”

        and replace her with the next democratically elected PM of a democratically elected sovereign independent UK parliament democratically elected by a people who care more about what colour their fucking passport is than the loss of civil and property rights? Oh joy. (mind you Corbyn might give us something to laugh about).

        As I said over on Furlong, the plebis-cidal, be they BREXITeurs or Remainers, will all get their comeuppance, May will see to that.

        As to the hanging thing, I always answer that with one word: ‘kiszko’. I find that normally settles the debate among reasonable adults. NO ONE ever , no matter what side of the CapPun debate, has doubted that -had he been found guilty a few years before, would have hanged as all the Red Tops screamed for. Personally I have no problem with the idea of Capital Punishment, I do however have major problems with a justice system that still routinely condemns the innocent….especially if they’re Irish or male.

        • Personally I against capital punishment except maybe in exceptional circumstances for extreme crimes where there is no question whatsoever about guilt.

          Sadly, no matter where you live you can only vote for the knobs on parade.  The difference lies in whether those knobs have to answer to Brussels or not.  Our lot are forever quoting “EU regulations” whenever there is something unpopular such as imposing water charges.

          At least you lot will be able to buy decent vacuum cleaners now?

  2. ” At least you lot will be able to buy decent vacuum cleaners now? ”

    Damn but you’re right! Knew there had to be a silver lining somewhere!

  3. Irish governments, after the last hanging in Mountjoy Prison in 1954 (a Limerick carter who got drunk and raped and strangled a retired nurse), quietly decided to commute all subsequent death sentences, while keeping on the statute books the capital crimes of murder, murder of a member of the Gardai, and murder of government members. In 1973 a Minister of Education signed a directive abolishing corporal punishment in schools. Behaviour of students in many schools has gone to the dogs since 1973. If Greece leaves the euro zone and other hard pressed countries get further into difficulties, there might be a terminal crisis for the euro. Ireland’s commitment to the EU might then evaporate. As far as smoking in public places is concerned, the way that Germany has handled the issue should be studied. Individual states in the federal republic have legislative power to allow pubs, restaurants and other places to designate special roofed areas of establishments as smoking zones.

    • It was just my luck that corporal punishment was abolished just as I was approaching my Leaving! 

      My hope [along with many others] is that Brexit will have a domino effect.  I know Brussels will do its damndest to penalise the UK in order to make an exit as unpalatable as possible for would-be followers, but we can only like in hope?

  4. So the EU is the cause of most if not all the ills of UK….a ‘sovereign again’ UK will work and be fair to all (except smokers of course), May says. I wonder why a few decades after WW2, Germany was called an economic miracle while UK had to go to the IMF for an emergency loan. Hmm…

    What I’m trying to say I guess is that this image of an UK colossus being chained and prevented from rising to great heights by EU doesn’t appear right.

    • No.  I’m not saying the EU is the cause of al ills.  Leaving will have disadvantages and advantages and the hop is that the latter will outweigh the former. 

      My main reason for wanting out is not so much the current EU [though they have treated Ireland pretty sabbily in the past] so much as in the future.  They have visions of a United States of Europe with a centralised authority, along the lines of the States, and I would never want to be part of that.

  5. Just FYI , spoke to the Raccoon a little while ago and whilst a ‘rather poorly’ (the traditional British euphemism for being terminally ill) girl atm, her mind is as ever razor sharp, insights more searing than laser guided radiotherapy. So very definitely ‘NDY’ (Not Dead Yet). 

  6. I noticed for ages now any item in the online Irish newspapers with the word Brexit in it no comments are allowed.                            What are they scared off that Irish people will show their support?                      

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