Powerless in the face of Doris — 5 Comments

  1. Yup, that sounds about right. Power out, raging storm outside and just about the time you get all the candles out, find the damn Coleman lantern and get that lit and light the fire in the fireplace/wood stove…the power  comes back on again. So you put away the candles, put the Coleman lantern back in the closet and settle down in front of the fireplace/wood stove to enjoy the fire…and the power goes out again.

    At least we have a gas stove and not an electric one?

    • We had three cuts in total, or it may have been four.  In the end I just never bothered resetting clocks and timers, which probably explains why the central heating is behaving somewhat erratically today.  I’m afraid to reset it in case it prompts another cut!

  2. This being at the mercy of the elements kind of reminds me of the great floods of 2007, I lived near Tewkesbury in Gloucestershire, it was a well known fact that the flood defenses for the water treatment plant were inadequate but the dickheads didn’t do anything about it. Subsequently it flooded so badly that large parts of Gloucestershire were without water for around 2 weeks, It’s only in desperate times like this when you realize how much water is needed to flush the damn toilet.

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