Thinking outside the box — 3 Comments

  1. Ah, TV.  The great time waster.  Never, in the history of human society has so much drivel been watched by so many.  A cultural wasteland.

    • It’s purely a matter of cost effectiveness.  Herself likes the telly [it calms her down] and if she was deprived of that she’d only be buying stuff on line.  Initially I thought that satellite television would cost less than her damage to the credit card, but now I am trying for a completely free run.  If I can get it working to perfection, I’d save a small fortune.  The box I bought cost about one month’s satellite subscription!

      And I’m having fun messing with it!

  2. Personally I download off ezTV and have a program that downloads iPlayer and removes DMR.

    Also has the advantage that commercial stuff has had the adverts removed.

    Still, gave you something to arse about with and probably wound your better half up while you did it…

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