The Great Snowfall of 2017 — 13 Comments

  1. I too braced myself for a snowbound freeze-up siege, with sliced bread, a bottle of Powers and sparkling water in good supply. And we had one snowy night with temperatures dropping. There was snow on my garden footpath; my garden birds continued to peck from the hanging birdseed feeder I placed near the kitchen window. Then the yellow warning was withdrawn by the meteo people, and a thaw happened within 24 hours. I guess the meteo boffins didn’t anticipate a radical change in wind direction. Warm wind from the south-west obviously pushed up temperatures.

    • I have a good mind to bring a case for compensation against them.  Purely on their say so I stocked up with a dozen bottles [can’t be too careful] of Jameson’s finest.

  2. You think it was bad up your way, it was pure cranage in Cork. On Thursday afternoon we saw eighteen non-stop minutes of sleet with visability down to a mile or so, the white-out was that intense. Worried looking brass monkeys scurried hither and yon as the panic-buying continued uninterrupted in the supermarkets. Up in the “Cotton Ball,” the publican had all three fires lighting in the front bar, such was the concern. 

    Well, it finally passed off on Friday though the aftermath is still being felt. Word has it that the waiting lists for counselling  are making the A&E’s look good.

    • Oh thank God! I was worried and am glad to hear you made it through.  I hope all my other reader survived.

  3. We had bright sunshine and 8-10 degrees. Two minutes of very light rain during the night. What’s snow?

  4. An amazing tale of stoicism in extremely difficult conditions, GD. But then, the Irish were always a brave and hardy race. I’m glad you survived such adversity. Many wouldn’t.

    • I suppose it’s as a result of a troubled history – The Famine, rule by foreigners, Bono and U2 – we have to be tough.

      • Dear Grandad

        The EU are history? Good on the Irish.

        I think we’ve suffered from Bono and U2 as well, though I can’t be certain since I haven’t watched TV or read the papers for decades. I do recall the Russians shot one down (a U2, not a Bono) before I stopped taking notice of news.


  5. I didn’t know you Irish were so hardy you could survive a snowfall like that one. Perhaps you should consider making up some “I survived the blizzard of 2017” T-shirts?

  6. Hah! You think you had it bad? Here in North Derbyshire I could hardly make out the tarmac on the drive, and the drifts lingered all day.

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