Having to explain democracy — 15 Comments

  1. Good title and post!  Avaaz are into BS in a big way, in my humble opinion, which accounts for why they smell funny (peculiar not haha). This is their wiki page “Deliberative democracy” is an interesting phrase. Poking their noses in to influence their policies in other words.

  2. One slight caveat Grandad is that it looks like he didn’t win the popular vote (they are still counting but it looks like Hill Dog will end up with around 200,000 more votes.) Completely irrelevant of course as Trump won more in the states that mattered, but you’re right about these bastards. What is it with these morons demonstrating all the time against anything and everything they don’t like. This is a new phenomena because a few years ago they wouldn’t have done this, this is a sad part of todays fucked up generation.

    • As I stated in my little brainfart, I have a feeble knowledge of these matters.  However, Americans seem to be the great promoters of democracy so if their system is a little wonky, then maybe they should change their system?  However, they have an agreed set of rules [even if they are difficult to understand] and presumably the rules were reasonably adhered to?

      As for the Selfie Generation, they see themselves as “empowered” and “enabled” and like all spoiled brats they throw a tantrum when things don’t go their way.

      • Their system is based upon the electoral college. It’s so that the densely populated urban areas don’t drown out the sparsely populated states. Both candidates fought their campaigns on the basis of the electoral college system, so no problems. Trump won the swing states fair and square. If you look at it on a county-by-county basis, he swept the board. Indeed, it was generally the more densely populated states that didn’t go his way, so they system worked precisely as designed.

        • As you say – both ran under the same rules and therefore both had an equal chance of winning.  The electoral system is therefore not part of the equation.

  3. And worse, there are Trumps in every town. Threatening all our democracies.

    Are they not aware of the fact that it was through the political system we know as ‘democracy’ that Trump was elected?

    I really do wonder about the mental capacity of these people. They seem unable to grasp the concept that in every race there are winners and there are losers. They seem convinced that if they are the winners, then everything is hunky-dory, but if they are losers, then democracy has somehow been subverted.

    Just children throwing their toys out of the pram. Pathetic.

    • Speaking of toys being thrown out of prams I can remember when a mildly left government was elected by the majority of the Australian people.  We ended up with the US sponsored  “soft coup” of 11/11/1975. Now that’s real toy throwing. These kids are amateurs.

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