Effin weird — 5 Comments

  1. What’s wrong with the judge? No sense of morals or even decent humanity? Line the three of them up and shoot them as a warning to any other idiots choosing to be offended by reasonable behaviour and taking cash from ordinary people.

  2. There isn’t a single ounce of common sense in the entire escapade.  It really is time for the tin-foil hat.

  3. I’ve worked in pubs for many years and know that you can refuse anyone you like as long as it’s not discrimination. For example, you can refuse an Irish man for acting a dick but not for being Irish. 

    I clicked through the article as I figured there must be some element to this story that does include discrimination against the elderly and you had just missed it.

    Nope. No at all. Nothing in that article suggested the pub had done anything wrong and there was clearly no case at all to answer.

    The only thing I can see is that the landlord admitted discrimination. I don’t know why he did this though. Maybe because he was summoned to court he thought it would go easier for him if he pled guilty rather than being convicted after a not guilty plea. 

    Maybe that’s how shoddy cases are handled these days. Arrest and try the person even though there are no grounds, tell them they are in deep dodoo if they try and fight it and win the case when they throw themselves at the mercy of the court.

    Lesson one. If the charge is bollocks, never plead guilty

    • It is one of the strangest cases I have ever come across.  As you say, the landlord obviously just hoped by pleading guilty to some imagined crime that it would all go away.  Now he stands to have his licence renewal refused if they decide they don’t like him [or for no reason at all].

      I am baffled and deeply saddened by the way the world is going.

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