Secondhand hangovers — 11 Comments

  1. We started work on a new building this morning, we were pile driving for the foundations while the weather is good and while the money is available… it's in Cork but I didn't think the vibrations would get to ya so far up!  Apologies, but we'll be finished Friday!

    • Can't you at least cover the hammer heads with rubber or something?  Why do people have to make so much fucking noise when building?

  2. When I have a situation like that, I find that putting Led Zepplin or similar on the stereo with the volume turned up to eleven usually does the trick. Drowns out most stuff. You have to have an amp and speakers that can cope with it, though. I realise you may not be in the mood for LZ at full volume, but it's better than hammering…

    • Queen at full volume is quite effective.  I even have a bit of Status Quo that is wheeled out occasionally for a noise protest.  That last time I used Quo though was when an old neighbour was playing jazz in his garden.  I had to stop though because I had complaints from Valentia Seismic Observatory.

  3. Wax earplugs are really good for blocking out noises. I have a neighbor that's prone to shouting loudly in the middle of the night and there's often building work going on near my house. I used to use normal foam earplugs but the wax ones really do the job, the brand is Quies

  4. I've been getting these pseudo headaches myself of late. Everything but the actual ache. No idea what's causing it. Possibly an ancient human type instinct kicking in right before an impending disaster for the human race?

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