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    • Excellent!  I have sent him another mail pointing him to this post so hopefully he'll read the comments.

  1. This post has touched a nerve with me GD. I will not bore you with details but I was diagnosed with PTSD some years ago. I have some idea maybe what this young bloke is going through.

    I get so pissed off at the anti-smokers because they have no idea what they are talking about. The word empathy has no meaning for them. All they are concerned with is their agenda and fuck you if you are in their way. Smoking has helped me to cope. I don't give a fuck what the anti-smoking freaks say or the medical profession for that matter. If it works for you then do it.

    It's a sad world we are living in indeed when people don't feel they can talk to their doctor because of some bullshit statistics.


    • I think the worst of the lot is the way the mentally ill are treated.  It's a known fact that the mentally ill have a much higher rate of smoking, and there is solid reasoning behind this, yet the Anti-Nazis want to ban them from their little bit of relief too.

      My only hope is that some day they [the Nazis, not the mentally ill] will be called to account for all their lies, bullying and the damage they have caused in the name of their religion.

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