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  1. Media was always this shit – Just more obvious now that people have internet access

    Now, Is that a mountain behind you or is it a hill?

    • I suppose some would call 'em hills but we call 'em the mountains.  They might not be Alps or Pyrenees but we like them just as they are.

  2. You got it good. Front page of today's Scotsman newspaper (it were a free one at a hotel bar in Aberlady) was the earth shaking news that a supermarket removed the saltire from it's punnets of soft fruit. Worse, they replaced it with a Union Jack.

    Oh, and on page three of the same rag was an article about Ms. Sturgeon (the boss politician here) stating she'll have the legislation in place for yet another "independence" referendum in a fortnight.

    Backside before boob.  

  3. You dumped Sharon? There's news I must have missed. So what happened?  you're among friends here, it'll go no further!

    • She was depressing me.  All she could talk about was bad news.  I miss the bits where she wasn't talking though.

  4. I never watch any of the main line news services like BBC,CNN or SKY its complete bulls*** all lies pushing the EU or that witch Clinton. The Irish Independent on line I look in and comment now and then but notice anything about banks or Brexit they don't allow comments. I get my news for sites like inforwars.c0m.

    An Irish overpaid elite in jail in Rio now that's good news.



    • Yer Man in Rio sounds like a piece of work all right.  Mind you, I would dearly love to know why our gubmint is holding a non-judicial [i.e. pointless] enquiry into the matter.  What the fuck has it got to do with them?  More tax payer's money down the drain.

  5. In no particular order.

    It's not the world that's a nasty place at times, it's people. A person is usually fairly decent and reasonably intelligent–usually. People are dumb, stupid, ignorant, panicky animals which is often made worse when they actually try to think.

    I stopped watching the news on TV when Walter Cronkite retired in 1981. 10 years later I chucked watching TV altogether and only kept the set for watching movies. First VHS and then DVDs. Life was suddenly much better because of this. I've pretty much stopped reading the news online as well for sake of what's left of my mental health.

    Now I tend to watch video compilations of people doing stupid shit while I sit in my chair laughing maniacally.

    They'll be coming for me any day now…

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