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    • Thank you so much Frank for highlighting this story, though I doubt I will ever go near Australia again.

      • I'd recommend not going near any trains and trainstations ever again.

        Come to think of it: I think it would be better to not go near any known smokers ever again – so you probably should get rid of all mirrors in your surroundings. Problem with that will of course be that the police will not particularly like it when you explain to them why your car doesn't have mirrors any longer.


        • I'm not sure if I'l ever be able to leave the house again, I'm so traumatised.  I'm going to have to chuck Herself out for a start….

  1. That’s awful! Think about all that third hand smoke too! In fact this is so horrific there may even be fourth and fifth hand smoke to contend with too. 🙁

    • Did I hear somewhere that gravity interacts with the Earth's magnetic field to produce a lens effect?  Smoke created in Australia causes massive outbreaks of cancer on the opposite side of the globe? 

      I'm still amazed at the audacity of the man to actually light up in public.  Stunned….

    • What I would dearly like to know is how the person who took the video would feel if she were constantly filmed in secret and the result posted on the Interweb.  But then she's morally superior and therefore beyond reproach?

  2. I just read this now and you'll have to excuse me on breaking headlines because I was taken up with the carnage in Italy due to the earthquake. So tell me Grandad, what's the body count so far in Australia? Are they calling it an act of God or are they viewing it like climate change and calling it man-made?  Is there counseling locally for the  people affected by second and third hand smoke? Indeed has the vilain been shot yet. My internet is down and there's nothing on the six one news about it! Has the Australian Prime Minister called for a state of emergency? God love those innocent victims though!

    • I believe there is talk of moving the entire population of Australia to the Bikini Atoll.  They reckon it's safer there.

  3. Ye Gods, I'll never take a train again.

    I do hope the train company do the right thing and destroy the train concerned. After all, there must be ten Chernobyl's worth of toxic third-hand smoke in that carriage. They won't be able to detoxify it. It has to be completely destroyed, preferably cleansed with fire. On the other hand, fire might send those toxins into the atmosphere and that would be the end of the world as we know it. It's a disaster of global proportions.

    Time to call in the experts from the WHO, methinks.

  4. I just can’t stop crying, I’m so traumatised.  Anybody know a good therapist for PTSD?  How long do you think it will be before all those terrible toxins reach the British Isles?  Or is it yet another of those magical qualities that tobacco smoke is so often credited with, that it can appear instantly on the other side of the world?  What are we going to do?  We’re doomed! Doomed, I tell you!  [Wrings hands and snuffles into hankie]

  5. I suppose the Anti-Smokers were so surprised it wasn’t a Bong or a Meth pipe that was being lit up, they just had to pounce.

  6. It is just reported that audiences viewing the televised finals of the Rose of Tralee competition (won this year by the Chicago Rose) have declined by 33.33% over the past six years. This is a cultural disaster. I suggest that they allow contestants to smoke a pipe while being interviewed about their hobbies, interests and general awareness of this big bad world and its problems. Yes, a pipe-smoking Rose of Leitrim just might  boost viewing numbers and radiate a sense of intelligent pensiveness in the annual event.

  7. Indeed, I'm shocked. I'm so nonplussed I'm off out to burn more than my allotted allocation of fossil fuels. Arse. 

  8. And the Daily Fail thinks this is news because…..?  The Beckhams and Kardashians were obviously not "news worthy" that day!  

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