Getting back into the driving seat — 10 Comments

    • Welcome, Mark!  Mostly HTML, PHP, MySQL, with a drop of shell scripting thrown into the mix.  My first language [self taught] was BASIC and then [professionally] COBOL [*spit*].  The project above was 99% PHP and MySQL.

      • Don't know why you *spit* at COBOL. Wrote this myself for over 20 years. I'm sure it kept you in ciggys and Guinness when you were a lad

        • Welcome Bangalored!

          Meh!  I can't respect a language that requires about fifteen lines of code just to say "Hello World".  It was designed to allow idiots in management and accounts to understand what the code was doing.  The only thing I can say about using the language was that it was a relief to move to another, less verbose and more versatile one.   

  1. Sleep is so vital. Someone or something wakes you up, sometimes you can't get back to sleep – grumpy, knackered next day and midday snoozes don't help. I've always thought that if they want to torture me one day, sleep deprivation is the way to go.

    • Tell me about it!  It just happens the odd time that the sleep gets erratic.  I have averaged about six hours a night since the middle of last week.  Tomorrow I might sleep past midday or I might be up at six again.  Maybe I'll just polish off a bottle of whiskey tonight and quietly pass out 'til tomorrow afternoon sometime.  Sounds like a plan?

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