The Most Boring Show on Earth

Is anyone actually watching that Olympics thing?

For the first time since it started, I actually [and accidentally] saw a bit of it last night.  I think I was waiting for the weather forecast or something, but they kept switching from one reporter to another giving us the breathless news on Ireland's progress.

It seems we aren't doing very well?


Does anyone really give a pig's fuck apart from the competitors and their families?

Most of Ireland's entries seem to have crashed and burned at the qualifying rounds, and each one seems to give the same answer – well, I'm really only warming up for the 2020 games.  Fair enough but don't expect me to hang around.  And what happened to all those who were "only warming up" at the previous Olympics?

How many fucking reporters have they sent over there anyway?  Each time they switched to a different event there seemed to be a different reporter, though in some cases they were called "analysts"!  How to fuck do you analyse how someone runs a few meters?  Either they win or they don't?

I have also heard reports somewhere that apparently the organisers are dead worried as half their brand spanking new stadia are half empty?  So they unceremoniously bulldoze whole shantytowns, build massive great stadia that no one will ever use again and cost a fortune that they don't have, and no one comes to sit in them?

The only item of extremely tepid interest is some scandal involving ticket touting that involves some Irish company.  Fair enough.  If someone wants to break the rules then that's their business, but someone here is demanding a gubmint enquiry for fuck's sake!  It has fuck all to do with the gubmint and is a between the sports crowds and their legal teams.  But then tax money is free [to them] so I suppose they'll hold one.

There is only good thing I can say about the Olympics.

At least they don't hold 'em every year.

Once a century would be too much for me.

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The Most Boring Show on Earth — 23 Comments

  1. “Once a century would be too much for me.”

    Once a millennium would be far too much for me. I have thus far skillfully avoided any broadcast on these shenanigans – a fact I am immensely proud of 🙂

    • Which is very surprising considering how our gubmint loves to brown nose Big Pharma?  Where have all the kick-backs gone?

  2. BBC 0 Grandad 1

    Congratulations on not following the modern tendency of thinking that putting an ‘s’ on the end of a word makes it plural .
    The BBC ,that bastion of spoken English seem recently to think that museums ,
    gymnasiums ,podiums ,stadiums are all acceptable .
    We at Pedants are Us salute you Grandad .

    • Didn't occur to me to use the word stadiums.  It must be because I attended about three Latin classes in school before deciding Latin wasn't for me?

  3. The conker season starts in September. Will they televise the World Conker championship? More emotional and aggressive than boxing and javelin throwing.

    • I thought Big-Nanny-Gubermint Anti-Fun Police had banned playing conkers in schools?  Indoctrinators, sorry, teachers were  having attacks of the vapours because they were fwightened their little charges would hurt their ickle knuckles.

  4. I haven't seen any of it. Mind you, I don't have a TV, which helps. For me to watch anything involves using my VPN, searching out the relevant UK channel and streaming it.

    To be honest, I quite like watching the gymnastics, as that used to be my thing when I was at school (competed at county level), but I haven't watched any this time.

    This business with all the magnificent stadia and infrastructure which they spend billions building is pure stupidity. Athens hosted the games in 2004, and the cost of putting on the show was so high that it basically bankrupted the country. It was the beginning of the end. And all those magnificent facilities are now derelict and crumbling, unused and unloved. What a monumental waste of money.

    • Gymnastics are fine, but there are only so many twists and whirls that I can take.  About two minutes is enough.  After that, I'm just waiting for them to fall on their snots.

  5. Olympics BAAH! It is the only time I miss that we cut the cable, with only three channels out of the air (which is more than sufficient for the news) they all decided to run the sport. Archaic thing anyway and since when was golf an Olympic sport? total waste of money.

  6. Rowing in on this one,  I have to say the 'games'  don't float my boat either. 🙂

    Still,  the lads did well and they'll be dining out on freebie steak and spuds for years to come! Result! 

    • Did someone from Cork actually win something?  Boxing?  It's nearly always Boxing.  A "sport" which I cannot abide, except outside the pub of a Friday night.

        • Meh!  I used to row around Schull Harbour as a kid.  Nothing to it.  I never even looked for a medal.  Made friends with a few seals though…

          • Did you ever meet the big grey fella that used to hang around the pier down there, he was some character. Was mackerel fishing off the end a few years ago and next thing I had a monster on the line. 50lb gear and the rod was bent double. Was thinking jeez, what’s this big in the harbour and after about 5 minutes up he pops, the grey fella, refusing to let go of a fish on MY hook! 🙂 Chomps down and takes half of my meal.

            Two weeks later back down there, half hour and no bites, and up he pops again, This time he's caught the fish himself, biggun in his mouth, and he's there head out of water and a big 'grin' on his face. Had to laugh.

  7. One reason why the UK is doing so well is because it’s a National Lottery funded career.

    They actually receive a salary as well as coaching (also funded) and airfares and such.

    Naturally they are required to produce results, however if they give a reasonably good explanation why they bombed on a given day, then they can continue for the next four years, so long as they attend various sporting venues (where the competition is less severe).

    What we see at the Olympics is only a percentage of those being groomed for future usage.

    And if they are very good then they can go on to get paid to endorse various products, like Mo and Quorn.

    And having full blown professionals, such as our very own Andrew Murray, does tend to place a stake in heart of that whole issue of youthful athletes doing it for the love of the sport.

    In short it’s a massive con, with the big medal winner countries all doing much the same of a same.

    • Frankly I couldn't give a damn about any of them provided that a) I don't pay for them and b) that I'm not forced to watch.

      Unfortunately our gubmint throws my tax money at them, so A is dead, and the television companies do their damndest on B so as a result I get annoyed.  It's all just a massive waste of money.

  8. Well, I have to swim against the tide of opinion here and state categorically that I just luuuurve the ‘Lympiks.  I’m not much of a sport-watcher at any other time, but I do get terribly worked up about the Games for some reason.  Perhaps is the variety that I like – I tend to get a bit bored with the constant round of football/rugby/tennis/golf/cricket that seems to comprise 99% of sports coverage at all other times.  Mind you (without wanted to rub salt in the wound, Gramps), the fact that we are doing rather well at the moment might well have something to do with it.

    But I do agreed that the empty stadiums are a pretty disgraceful sight.

    • Okay, fair enough.  A lot of people do enjoy watching them, but suppose they just decided to stop holding them?  Would the Earth's rotation shudder to a halt?  Would anyone be the worse off [apart from the competitors, bless 'em]?  Would anyone actually miss them?

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