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  1. From the second paragraph on that story

    > As many of the veteran vapers may know, vaping is illegal in Singapore

    From December last year:

    And even *patches* are included in the ban:

    > Anyone possessing e-cigarettes, nicotine patches as well as any solutions with nicotine meant to be used for vaping will face the full wrath of the law in a blanket ban that’s kicking in today.

    This is the government being retarded, not anti-smoking groups.

    • Welcome PJH and thanks for the update.

      All I can say is that this has become an idealistic crusade over there backed by nothing more than fanaticism.  Jack boot tactics "for the health of the people".

      So they have two choices – carry on with cigarettes or go cold turkey.  The tobacco companies must be deliriously happy anyway?

      • Singapore gets a fair (or unfair) whack of tax income from tobacco. Could the jail for vaping be construed as evading tax?

        • Ooh!  There's actually somewhere in the world where someone (in this case it just happens to be vapers) are treated worse than smokers?  Honestly?  What excellent news!  I might actually go and live there!  I'm fed up with being bullied at the bottom of the pile.  Second from the bottom and (probably) only "second-worst bullied" would seem like luxury!

    • Blimme! Singapore sounds like a fun place to visit.  Is farting banned too?

    • This crusade is getting out of hand altogether.  This is oppression of free choice on a massive scale, using tactics long decried in the history books.

      • I was turning the compost heap when it occurred to me that there could be a silver lining to this cloud of oppressive shit that seems to be getting worse. Shit can be stacked only so high before the pile becomes unstable and collapses under its own weight. My theory (hope) is that the bigger and faster the puritan control freaks build their pile of oppression the sooner it will collapse.  

  2. Yup. I can add to that. Thailand has been on the anti-smoking bandwagon for years, and this is their latest contribution to freedom of choice:

    BANGKOK: — A popular online police page has confirmed penalties for the possession of E-cigarettes. Users could be jailed for five years and producers face 10 years inside for flouting the law.

    And for those who read Thai, the original story:

      • I could write page upon page about how fucked up the Thai political system is, about how the country is run by an elite for whom the laws do not apply, about how the rot starts at the very top and how if I were to voice my opinions while in Thailand I'd be looking at 15 years in the slammer.

        It's such a shame. I love Thailand, and spend a lot of time there. I'm married to a Thai, so take a lot of interest in current affairs there. But the system is truly fucked up. And if any Thai government agency happened to be readers of 'Headrambles', I'd probably get arrested at the airport next time I go for what I've just written here. And that is really no exaggeration, believe me.

  3. What is the legal position on vaping here? I was in  a pub in West Cork some weeks ago – I won't say where – and a friend was vaping without getting any hassle 

    • So far as I am aware, it's up to the bar/cafe/whatever owner to set the rules which in my book, is the right way to be.  If they own the place they have the right to allow or ban whoever or whatever they like. It's not up to the gubmint to dictate how a proprietor runs his or her business.

      • I suspect that had we been in Dublin and not West Cork, there might have been some objection


  4. Ian,

    Most pubs in Cork City ignore vaping as if it is none of their business ……… which it isn't.

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