They grow up so quickly — 9 Comments

  1. What kind of name is Squidge? That's grounds for a call to Child Protection in my book!

    • It suits her perfectly.  The fact that she looks like a cross between a Troll doll and a baby Orang Utan means it could have been a lot worse.

  2. My granddaughter, 6, wants to 'make smoke' when she grows up! She is very like me in temperament so heaven help her parents when she reached her teens. 

    • My heartiest congratulations to her parents.  It sunds like they're doing a great job.  Don't let her anywhere near a cigar though.  They're a bit strong for a 6 year old [as I discovered] and may put her off.

    • For God's sake, he's my Grandson!  Only the best for him.

      Anyway it's one I never use these days.

  3. Apart from the cuntent, which is admittedly shite, who the fuck comes up with this contrived, stilted grammar? Could only be the work of a sophisticated robot or an unemployed geography/woodwork teacher. Granddad, we are all agog, you must investigate, for the sake of basic humanity, and tell us more- before teatime, preferably. 

      • Shit no. This is what you get when you comment after a night in the pub. I'm sure you can guess the post I'm wibbling about. Next time I'll endeavor to write sober, or not, as I'm a fickle character full of strange whimsy and caprice.    

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