Into each life a little deluge must fall — 20 Comments

  1. Yes, it has even made it all the way to me here in Greece, and it all looks quite normal(ish).

    It still doesn't remember who I am until I fill in the Name / Email fields, though, so when you rebuilt it a while back you must have forgotten to give it any memory. Or maybe it had a bad experience and is shutting out all the painful memories. Perhaps you should take it to a psychiatrist for therapy.

    • The name memory thing would be your browser rather than the site.  I just tested it [normally I don't have to fill in all that stuff] and it listed every name I have tried in the past [and no, I don't write comments under a pseudonym to make the post look popular, but it's not a bad idea though……..].

      This site does not affect your computer but I can't guarantee it won't affect your mind.


      • Well now, here's a conundrum.

        Your site stopped remembering me on the very day you told us that you'd had to rebuild it. And it has been the same since………….until now.

        I'm looking at the Name / Email fields below this comment box, and lo and behold, my name and email are already filled in. And I haven't made any changes to my browser since my last post.

        God works in mysterious ways…

        • My magic touch at work again.  I honestly haven't made any changes to the site apart from adding more shit to the pages.  I did make a major change a few weeks ago but I don't think anyone noticed and it wouldn't have affected browser memory anyway.

  2. It was Apartheid! Which for you uniformed Irish beggars means Separate Development AND NOT, we keep one part of your site aside because we hate it. Love your site in fact!

    • Welcome Chris and now you have me all confused.  Which part of my site have you taken, and can I have it back please?

  3. Many years ago I used to catch the train from New Street station. From what I can remember the authorities would be better employed  stopping sundry patrons from pissing willy-nilly in stair wells and sometimes on the train. The midnight express on Saturday was a corker. And now they are worried about harmless vapour? Granddad, now you know why I like burning stuff and in some instances, people. 

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