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  1. Two gentlemen where laying on beach in the Caribbean. The first says he was able to afford the vacation because of an insurance payout when his business had a fire. The second mentioned he too was able to afford his vacation due an insurance payout from his business being destroyed by a flood. After a few minutes the first gentleman lean over and quietly ask the second man, "how do you start a flood?"

    • There were  load of rumours going around during the recession of shops here in Ireland holding Pre-Fire Sales…

  2. well if you ask the nannies I'm sure the whole kerfluffle is caused somehow by smoking and drinking.

    or eating meat, or some other twaddle

    • I wouldn't ask the nannies the time of day [they'd only lie anyway].  It did occur to me that it might have been some pipe residue, but in fact it's quite hard for a pipe to start a blaze.

  3. Maybe look at your site like a garden. It takes quite a lot of time to cultivate and prune. Even with fresh tilled soil, it still takes a while for the plants to grow back. You'll get everything ship shape in no time, Granddad!

    • Hah!  The site is more like a field after a week long rock festival.  It really is pissing me off though, as all the tests say it's going like a rocket, but it still takes an age to do something simple like update a page.  So you lot are reaping the benefits and I'm not.  [*sulk*]

  4. Grandad,

    Thanks. Appreciate the link but I though I’d point out that, either by design, an old person error which I can definitely relate to, or possibly another engine room problem, your link just sends the clicker to the latest post and not, as I was expecting, the post featuring your Chief Engineer.

    This may cause some clickers to wonder what the clickee was linking to via the clicketer.

    • I woz just sending some link-lurve, so I suppose you could say it was by design?  Anyhows, I have changed the link, just to confuse anyone who tries clicking it for a second time.  😈

  5. Grandad,

    Okay, and thanks again.

    Changed the link? Why not? It’s good to confuse visitors once in a while; it keeps ‘em on their toes.

    Just thought I’d mention it in view of your recent engine room problems; I’ll now get back in my box.

  6. Whenever my ignition doesn't work I put the car into gear, give it a good push and a kick on the rear fender. The engine farts into life immediately. No scientific explanation needed.

      • But remember: it is possible for an engine to backfire violently and jolt the kicker.

          • I remember one science rule from school: for every action there is a reaction. It governs the upward propulsion of rockets apparently. It could be a general law of psychology too, but we didn't do that in the school Biology course.

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