Lying by numbers — 6 Comments

    • 7 out of 7 dwarves were very happy with pretty little Snow-white! Players – it's the tobacco that counts.

      • Hah!  That was the punchline to a joke when I was a kid.  Maybe it was that joke that got me started into the tobacco?

        • It's the tobacco that counts.  It meant that if you weren't good at arithmetic and didn't have a slide rule (pocket calculators hadn't been invented then) you lit up a Players cigarette and let the tobacco do the counting. Bean counters used that method sometimes.

          Got any jokes about Menthol fresh?

  1. Yes, the 'half of all smokers will die prematurely' is one of their cleverer soundbites, in that it sounds, like, really, really serious shit, man….

    I quite often point out the obvious flaw in this 'dangerous' statistic in comments where it's brought up by one of the useful idiots as a killer fact. Oddly, I never get a reply, not even from the antis who think they really know their stuff.

    As for the 'billion lives' thing, I've grown tired of pointing out to vapers on Twitter that it's a figure based on the lies and deceit of Tobacco Control, and is thus meaningless. The silly thing is that they invariably agree with me and 'like' my tweet, but then carry on using 'a billion lives' as if nothing has happened. I've given up bothering now.

    • I always have a chuckle when I hear it, it's just such an inane comment.  A perfect example was when my great friend was interviewed recently and spewed out virtually the entire litany in a breathless voice probably expecting us to all gasp in terror.

      It would all be really funny if it weren't for the damage it's doing.

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