Tilting Horizon — 4 Comments

  1. It's the old head-wall game, nice when it stops. The fog chamber guy was the most amusing, having recruited some cloud chasers to amp up the results, he failed to understand they would only have a hint of nicotine in their RDA to start with. 

    • That blokes reaction was the best!  He nearly fell off his stool with the excitement.  You'd swear he had just initiated the world's first chain reaction.  I'm no scientist but I would have been staggered if the needle hadn't gone off the scale.

  2. When I read that he was calling droplets "particles" I decided not to watch the video on the grounds that I'm still sick to my stomach from some bad food overseas.

    • Welcome Karyyl! As soon as I saw the test chamber, I knew what was coming.  If particles are droplets then we had better outlaw clouds and fog? 

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