Knowing your limits — 5 Comments

  1. I suppose if they now have a device to track your drinking it cannot be too long before a compulsory device comes out to track your thinking. You and I may as well just surrender when that arrives, if we're still alive for the experience.

    • Before that there will be satellite tracking ["we know where you live!"]

      But don't be defeatist – think of the fun, hacking into the devices and screwing with their heads?

  2. " had enough to drink.  I fall flat on my face "

    But how do you know if it's through overdrinking or running too much? Obviously you are not competent to judge – just because it's your body and you have preserved it this long means nothing – so you need a gadget backed up by a nanny state to tell you, and advise on how to live your life.

    • Of course it's the drink.  I'm not in the habit of running in a pub.  Do I need a gadget to tell me I'm in a pub?

  3. Honestly it makes me glad to be getting old and growing up in peace without all this nonsense. 

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