Sunday Surreality — 10 Comments

  1. Now he just has to give you 11. Then it'll be 9711 – eau de Cologne. It's getting a bit Freudian I'd think.

    • I have a [rather unnerving] theory that it may be the beginning of his phone number.

      • Yes, it definitely sounds like he's after your taut, nubile body GD. It's called 'grooming' I believe. Just make sure you don't drop anything when you're in the shop.

  2. Never look a gift horse etc.

    Now you're not being entirely fair GD. Next year you simply turn the 9 upside down and he'll have you bang to rights. Oh and 12 years thereafter (sorry 'bout this – just forward planning), you'll be ever so grateful at the thoughtfulness of your corner shop chappie. (Shan't bother about the final use on your part – ain't no way you'll be blogging in 31 years. Certainly not a hope in hell I'll be reading it!!! 

    • I could always keep them for the grandson Sir Fartzalott.  He'll be 7 next year [actually this day next year] and if my maths is up to speed he'll be 9 two years later.

      Who says I won't be scribbling in 31 years?

  3. Is he mistaking you for a politician? Scobieville’s Ming perhaps!

    Now that the ponytail is gone maybe…


    • I think I'm a bit nearer to Gerry Adams actually, especially as he got his hair cut to look like mine.  I do wish he'd stop trying to look like me.  I don't think he smokes the wild stuff though……

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