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  1. I must say the hypodermic nerdle's an interesting one. But a little extreme, no? Like smoking twenty fags in about half a second, I'd guess. Have you any idea what message it's intended to convey? Apart from 'don't forget your flu jab next winter', that is.

    How very odd.

    We don't have any pictures on our fag packets here. My rolling tobacco has two warning panels about a centimetre high and nearly the width of the pouch. Together, I guess they make up about 5% or less of the pack.

    OOOH! An edit function! What fun! I’m just checking to see if it works! 🙂

    Yes, it works, it works! Well done, GD!

    • The only thing I can suggest is that they are trying to convey that cigarettes are addictive. 

      Warning on a hair-drier – "This device may overheat" and a picture of a nuclear explosion?

      A little over the top?

      As for the edit thingy – I aim to please but it does deny me the opportunity to snigger at errors in comments. Pity…..

  2. They are a bit obscure, aren’t they, these pictures?  When I first saw the Sunbed Man one, from a distance (on a table), I thought it was a picture of a swimming shark and I thought “Oh, lovely! Nice wildlife pictures!”  And as for the couple sitting up in bed – surely the bloke (I assume it’s him the implication is directed towards) should be either smoking, or have a well-filled ashtray on the bedside table next to him.  Otherwise, for all we know (as they’re not smoking), these two could be avowed non-smokers.  Which tends to indicate that not smoking means ….

    And “smoking around corners?”  Priceless.  Made oi larf, did that one!


    • They really are quite obscure.  Most of them come with labels which to some extent explains them [the apple and the hands are supposed to show how skin ages!].  Frankly they are so irrelevant tat I doubt many [except the brain dead] are going to take them seriously.

      Incidentally, the "smoking around corners" represents impotence.  Apparently.  It's as well they explained it?

  3. Maybe the hypodermic is a suggestion to the smoker that there are better highs available?

    • They spend their time trying to "send out a message" but I think that little one has missed by more than a mile.  You are spot on – Quit the fags and take up Heroin!.

  4. Some months ago Dick Puddlecote wrote a piece which included pics of ciggies proposed by tobacco control designed to be a turn off.  I thought that they looked really rather sophisticated, the papers being in grown-up colours like olive and sand.  There's also already a brand called "More", super-long ciggies wrapped in liquorice paper ie very dark brown.  TC screws up yet again… 

    • I remember that.  The Antis want to put colouring and messages on the sticks.  I think smoking a black cigarette is the height of sophistication.  As a pipe smoker, I'd be quite jealous.  Maybe it would be enough to make me take up the cigarettes again?

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