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  1. Up until they started with the SHS bollocks, I, like most others I guess, basically accepted as fact all the stuff about smoking causing lung cancer etc. I didn't really think about it that much. But when they started saying that we needed to ban smoking in bars etc because of the 'dangers' of SHS, the bullshit klaxons started sounding in my head. Because commonsense told me that there was no way that SHS would be harmful. I'm 66 years old, for fuck's sake, and I grew up (as did my peers) surrounded by tobacco smoke. And then when I got into some online debates on the subject, I realised I needed to do some research. And that's when the scales started falling from my eyes. Until then, I'd had no idea the extent to which I had been, and was being, lied to. I was staggered that these so-called 'experts' had been getting away with barefaced lies for years and years and years. The perfidy of Tobacco Control knows no limits. They will tell any lie (no matter how damaging), indulge in any deception (no matter how costly to society) and misrepresent any research just so long as it furthers their warped ideological agenda. They are without morals. For them, the end justifies the means, regardless of the collateral damage.

    The more I learn about what they have done, the more I despise them. They are a pestilence; parasites whose sole aim is to suck the joy out of life and the life out of the joyful.

    Vermin, all.

    • Up to the smoking ban I was aware of the quiet witterings in the background and never paid them much attention.  Even then they sounded a bit hollow with all their dire warnings of imminent death.

      Then the ban came in and affected me directly, so naturally I began to question the causes for the ban.  That's when my eyes were opened!  Like yourself, logic and commonsense told me that it was a load of crap, but it was only after a drop of research I realised how deep that crap really was.

      My hope now is that the general public will begin to realise that a lot of the stuff they have read in the glaring headlines is in fact a load of bollox.  And once someone has been caught out in blatant lying that they lose all credibility even for their past statements.

  2. I was one of the sheep who believed what Public Health told me.  I had no idea about the lies regarding smoking, especially secondhand smoke, until I started researching ecigs.  One thing amongst many that I loathe is the fact they use taxpayers' money for their lies ~ it's fraud and they should be prosecuted.  We have a mountain of evidence and I'd love a few class action lawsuits funded by smokers and vapers.  The upshot is that I now don't believe a word public health says about anything.  Tobacco controllers and so called 'experts' (not) i.e. Martin McKee, Dame Sally Davies and their cronies, are doing public health a terrible disservice by using their positions for lies and political agendas.   Davies' current lies are about alcohol …. no safe level of drinking and disparaging its health benefits.  Crooks, the lot of them.

    • While the use of my taxes infuriates me, I think the worst part is the destruction of science.  Science should be one of the noblest of arts as it strives to increase our knowledge of the world where we live, but these bottom-feeding oxygen wasters have dragged science down to their level.  Whenever I hear of "research" these days I automatically dismiss it as a nasty piece of propaganda on behalf of someone with an axe to grind.  They have corrupted the noble name of science to a degree that is unforgivable.

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