Clear and compelling evidence — 4 Comments

    • Reading the description, that sounds like good stuff.  No chemicals either.

      Don't mind chip shops but I would draw the line at a dry cleaners.  Could you not live above a brothel?

  1. Have the new research finders anything to say about anti-mosquito coils (smouldering all night in the tropics) and incense burning in temples and churches? If they do there's going to be a worldwide hullabaloo about freedom of religious expression. Buddhist monks, Catholic clergy, the Orthodox & the Hindus among others will join forces against so-called scientific research. It'll be a holy clash of civilizations as scientists run smack against the odour of sanctity.

    • The fumes from religious incense is guaranteed to be free of harmless particles.  It's just one of those miraculous things.  Or so they say…..

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