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  1. The Irish Mirror should join with the Indie and go with only an on-line version, by subscription. Articles like this are utter shite:

    This precis points out that Sub Saharan's do not have any Neanderthal DNA on account they never left Africa. That carries on with the pure bread African's living in the rest of the world, yet blacks have just as much difficulty with obesity, strokes, substance abuse and so on.

    Ditto with the First Nation peoples of Australia (the Aborigines) – and they too share the same issues as the rest of society.

    But hey, what the heck, the Irish Mirror has it's quota of pages to fill – and it's a Saturday, so what the hell, it'll be at the bottom of the budgie cage come tomorrow – and recycled next week. 

    • They should keep the print edition – just in case there is a world shortage of toilet paper.

      Of course it's rubbish, though I did trace the source and indeed it is a genuine "study".  People in universities trying to justify their existence again.

  2. So this must be the reason for my overhanging brow and deep-set eyes then? However, the sloping forehead is missing which just proves further what a mixed up individual I am.

    And I'd love to shag some women but I'm afraid I've forgotten how.

    • Any time now that I misbehave, I just blame my Neanderthal ancestry.

      I'm off now to club some women.  I'm sure they'll know what to do with me?

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