Magnetic heart disease — 4 Comments

  1. This researcher must have been born and bred in an environment of ignorance. Either that or he obviously suffers from "over-thinking" the situation and so missing the very obvious.

    Stephen Hawking surmises recently that the human race may actually have less than one hundred years left before it virtually ceases to exist. Not for sure mind you but a distinct possibility. And the more I hear about what "science" and the "experts" are coming up with these days (never mind our government officials and the way the general public is acting)…

    …I believe him.

    • For a long time now I have held the theory that evolution has gone sharply into reverse.  Is it just my imagination or has the general level of intelligence/education fallen off a cliff in the last couple of decades?  I fear Hawking may well be right.

  2. Let us not forget, GD, that the levels of pollution from vehicle exhaust is of a magnitude higher in the city. Do you remember that piece by Dr Kitty Little in which she wondered why the incidence of lung cancer was much higher in urban environments and in corridors either side of major highways?

    That's the first link that came to hand, although I do have the original somewhere.

    The problem these days is that everyone (or nearly everyone) has been so thoroughly indoctrinated with the PC narrative about smoking causing everything that they find it very difficult to think outside that box.

    • It only takes a few seconds thought to realise there are dozens of factors in an urban setting that will cause stress, which is a large contributor to heart disease.  The pollution also is one of the greatest factors as I know from experience – the only time I ever had long lasting health problems [particularly chest related] was when I worked in the city centre.  It is an almost perfect environment for infectious diseases, cancer and stress, so to blame the air should score a fail in a primary school exam. I find it mind numbingly daft that anyone would come to such a conclusion.

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