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  1. Pub families need days off. They need Christmas Day off to celebrate and visit friends. They use the Good Friday closure to clean kitchen equipment, redecorate eating and drinking areas and check electrical wiring. If they drop the Good Friday closure I hope the government will introduce a few closed Wednesdays throughout the year to enable maintenance and decoration work to be done. On those days of closure desperate drinkers would still be able to buy booze at off-licence shops. At restaurants wine and beer could be sold with main meals.

    • A very strong case was put to the gubmint to scrap this law, or at the very least to shelve it for this year.  Naturally they refused.

      I suppose there is a case for publicans to have one day off, but that in itself must be a very busy day?  After all they have to cram in all the births, weddings and funerals, before they can fit in the year's personal shopping.  And then they can have the rest of the day to squeeze in their summer holidays.  After a day like that, they'd need a drink or two to steady their nerves, if only the pub was open?

      • "A very strong case" sounds to me like the Vintners Association are desperate to make more money. The supermarkets, other off-licence shops, and restaurants must be drawing trade away from the bars and pubs.

        • Indeed those outlets are drawing custom from the pubs for a whole veriety of reasons [smoking bns, stricter driving laws and the like], however the Good Friday Ban also applies to supermarkets and off-licences.  You can order your groceries on-line including booze for delivery on Good Friday but it will arrive without the booze!  The only people who can serve alcohol are hotels [but only with a meal] and theatres.  It is nonsensical.

  2. I heard the other day, that there is a move ahead by the various churches to fix the date of Easter.    This means that your law will be out of date (except for the years when your date coincides with the new date).


    Ideal time to scrap your law  {:o)}


    • I did wonder when precisely they are going to "celebrate" the Easter rising this year?  I presume it will be around Easter, which is March 27th this year.  But maybe it should be on 24th April which is when the Rising actually started back in 1916?

    • Welcome Fred!  I saw that all right.  He posted about ten seconds after me so that proves conclusively that he robbed my idea.  Don't worry though – I have already thrown a brick at him.

  3. Good to know we're not alone in having lots of pointless and stupid laws. Pubs in Australia aren't allowed to serve customers on good Friday, or Xmas day. In my town we had a guy sue the local publican because he failed to supply water and feed for his horse, and according to a law still on the statutes in my state, the publican should have done this, but did not. It was not a serious case, more a bit of a joke, that served to highlight the fact that these laws were never repealed so in effect still stand. Another law that has come up lately, is that you cannot be charged for being drunk in charge of a vehicle, if that vehicle is a horse, as long as the horse is sober. 

    • Apparently it is against the law in Australia to walk on the right hand side of the footpath?

      Oh! And before I forget… It is illegal to wear hot pink pants after midday Sunday.  Don't say you weren't warned.

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