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    • She's not too bad, thanks.  It's basically a 100,000 mile service though she's leaking a lot of oil and what sounds like piston-slap, so I reckon she may need a new cylinder head gasket, or even a full rebore.  I'm seriously considering getting a trade in for a much newer model.

  1. How come if I visit Doc I always feel cheerful coming out but if I visit a hospital or clinic I come out feeling a thousand times worse than I did entering?

    It's the atmosphere of the place that influences you. People leave "impressions" (emotions?) in the structure of a building, something I firmly believe. So…

    In the doc's office (someone you know rather well…or not) you're in a building occupied by a doctor with his/her own practice. Someone who can pick and choose their own patients or even decide not to take any more new ones, and are usually rather well off. This all makes for a generally happy contented individual which rubs off onto the doc's staff and the patients as well. And these folks leave their mostly happy contented impressions within the structure of the doc's office. This is what you feel when you visit.

    Unless the doc is a rotten asshole which is usually not the case. Not if the doc wants any sort of guaranteed future.

    However, in a hospital, everyone from doctors to nurses to bedpan changers are generally overworked and underpaid, doctor's included. And the doctors are buried under reams of documents and forms that they are required to fill out every single day for every single patient never mind things like keeping up patient records and/or actually taking care of their patients. These doctors also usually work only for the hospital so they have take what they get and usually what they get is a lot of flack–the nurses get even more.

    Did you ever notice that absolutely no one in a hospital, staff and patients alike, are ever happy? From the emergency clinic to the recovery ward everyone is mostly tired, miserable and generally numb.

    Anyway, I'm not defending or prosecuting here as far as hospitals go or those that work in them or make use of them. My point is that all these people in these institutes of medicine also leave their impressions in the walls and halls of a given hospital and these impressions are definitely not happy contented ones.

    That's why you feel so much worse coming out of a hospital–especially when you spend an extra half hour wandering about the halls looking for the right door.

    • Excellent points and I would agree wholeheartedly about the first bit about Doc.  We get on famously together and or sessions are considered bullshit free – he takes no bullshit from me and I certainly take none from him [and he knows it].

      The place I was in today though is not like your common or garden hospital.  It is a surreal place which [as I said above] is a cross between an airport concourse and a shopping centre.  You won't see a single stethoscope or white coat, and in fact you're lucky to see anyone as the place always seems to be semi-deserted.  I found this nice little illustration of the place which incidentally is only a section of a much [much] bigger complex.  If you look at the first photo, second row you'll see the door I was looking for – it's about three quarters way down that vast cavern of glass on the right!

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