Fighting a virus — 9 Comments

  1. Dammit, you had me worried for a moment! The more so as, yesterday, I realised I was suffering the beginning of one of my rare colds. By evening, my throat was sore and I was coughing badly – it was bloody difficult to carry on smoking, I can tell you! Better today; at least I'm not coughing so much when I smoke and my nose has dried up a lot.

    • Heh!  As it happens, I did wake yesterday with a sore throat, headache and feeling generally rough.  A couple of pipefulls later the throat was as smooth as silk.  The headache faded during the day.  Feel right as rain today.

  2. However on a happy note your glorious government have decided to legalise all the illegal drugs (heroin crack cocaine and stuff) so now you can extend your cures to include previously illicit drugs.


    All except tobacco of course which is evil, the spawn of Satan and must eradicated, smashed, stamped upon until it  no longer exists ~ a bit like your virus 😀

    • They haven't legalised drugs yet – just thinking about it [so far as I know].  Naturally all drugs will be gubmint run with massive taxation and drastic restrictions.  It'll kill my little cottage industry.

    • No problem.  I know where the demon lives and I know how to switch him on and off, but I still can't work out precisely how he works.  It's annoying me.

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