Coining it in — 10 Comments

  1. Drill a hole through the middle of small coins and they can be used as washers by mechanics and DIY hobbyists.

    • That is a damn good idea!  I'll start collecting 'em over the coming weeks.  They make very handy emergency screwdrivers too.

  2. Punts, mate, notes with celtic dragon tattoos, coins with salmon and hares.And harps, Ireland the only country that was designated by a musicali nstrument. That was back in the day when Ireland still existed, you could smoke in Heeber Finn's pub and say what you wanted, play darts and listen to music which sprang forth without the seeming necessity of a Minister of Culture. Every Euro in your pocket is a reminder that you were betrayed, Lisbon treaty and NO vote thrown aside as your wealth went offshore to the Fourth Reich. It's nearly 100 years since the uprising and all we march for today is gay marriage, freedom forgotten in preference to mincing down the aisle. How have the legendary huge balls of Irishmen shrivelled in a century, the blink of an eye? Someone's at their work, and damned good at it too.



    • I'm not Irish, but well said, Richard. I'm with you all the way there mate.

      I'm sick to the back teeth  with all this 'oh so progressive' bullshit where we're supposed to applaud and fawn over some moron who's decided he doesn't want to be a man anymore; where we're supposed to be 'oh so respectful' of people's disdain for tobacco smoke (fuck 'em, I say); where we're supposed to all be 'Europeans' now, with no patriotism to our home country.

      Not that I have a problem with people who are gay, or non-smokers, and I love Europe (I'm an expat living in Greece, where they mostly think like I do, fortuitously).

      But when people tell me how I should think, then the red mist descends. And the Euro is a part and parcel of that process of homogenisation, the attempt to get several tens of millions of square pegs to fit into round holes. So although I'm appalled at what my country has become, I am proud to be an an Englishman, and shall remain such, regardless of the wormtongue whisperings of the PC apologists. Fuck 'em.

      • Sadly I have to agree with every word too.  The Ireland of thirty or forty years ago was a completely different place.  Damnit but I get depressed even thinking about it.  The greatest joke of the lot is the fuss over next year's so called celebration of 100 years of independence.  After centuries of struggle we finally achieved it only to hand it back on a silver platter [no doubt fashioned from 40 pieces of silver].

  3. As soon as they can governments will outlaw cash as electronic transactions are easier to trace. 

  4. I'm sending off my preliminary tax return today, wonder if I could get a couple pf grand in copper coins and give to the bloodsuckers?

  5. Sadly, this is just another scam in my view as almost everything on the shop shelves ends (or used to before the sudden rounding by retailers) in 99 cents. A shopping trolley with thirty items will now cost 30 cent more and multiply that by 52 for every week of the year and it begins to add up.

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